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iphone puzzle game!

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get taken away into the magic of a world full of unique living creature-plants. experience a world where all things have eyes and might lift you up to mysterious land high up in the skies or into the deepest underwater labyrinths below. go on  a incredible adventure and find the gems that will give you water, wind and air powers, but be aware of poisonous drops and stings by hasardous plants. find the ultimate gem that will complete the circle and bring you back to our world.

mystic forest is an iphone puzzle platform game in a fantasy world with beautiful graphics. Featuring 3 different amazing worlds, more than 30 great unique characters, 40 puzzles, hours of growing and blooming entertainment!

beautiful colorful graphics
interactive help to learn how to activate plants

bypass exploding pollen, poisonous drops and stingy plants

create water with your gem, make plants grow, open, or give you way to pass

cover yourself with pollen to get blasted off high obstacles

crouch down and sneak by sleeping carnivores or feed them and make them friendly

jump on and off giant mushrooms and moving isles

let yourself get carried by a flying pollen or grab a fast ride on a rushing plant

throw an arc of wind to fend bad pollen and freeze pinching plants

create an air bubble to breath under water

collect crystals to gain health and receive new abilities by collecting the gems




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